Infant Sleep Training (6-12 Months)

Course Overview

In this 3-part course taught by a Health Psychologist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, caregivers will learn everything they need to know about infant sleep to help their little one get the sleep they need for their optimal development. Part one of the course will cover the research demonstrating the importance of sleep for babies and then go over what is meant by the term sleep “training” (and a lot of outdated myths that circulate about this topic). Part two covers the all-important information on setting up a safe sleep environment and the top 10 tips for preparing to sleep train so that everyone is set up for success. Finally, part three will go over the most common sleep training methods (and some common ways to modify them), from how to implement each method, to when they are most ideal and less ideal, so that caregivers can determine what will work best for their family.  

From the instructor, Charlsie Myers, PhD, BCBA, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant:

I designed this three-part course to provide a one-stop resource to tired caregivers who are ready to help their baby get the sleep they need but aren’t sure where to start (or maybe have tried a one-size-fits-all approach in the past, and are looking for alternative solutions). I share everything caregivers will need to know about infant sleep and sleep training to reduce the confusion, misinformation, and decision-shaming that are so commonly found in parenting social circles. I provide objective, evidence-based information on every topic covered, including specifics on setting you up for success with any of the common sleep training methods, so that caregivers can make informed decisions that will align with their parenting philosophy, sleep goals, and their baby’s age and temperament. The course also includes a guide that I created to help families determine age-specific information on wake windows, naps, sleep routines, and more for their family to ensure everyone is set up for success and can start making positive changes to get the whole family sleeping more as soon as possible. 

Module 1: Infant Sleep and Sleep Training Overview

  • Importance of Sleep for Babies (and their caregivers)
  • What is sleep training (and what it isn’t!)?

Module 2: Getting Ready to Sleep Train

  • Safe sleep environment and safe sleep recommendations (AAP guidelines)
  • Sleep Associations, positive and negative
  • Top 10 Tips for Ensuring Sleep Training Success

Module 3: Common Sleep Training Methods

  • Summary of different common sleep training methods, from most to least parent present
  • Information on how each method works and who the method is ideal/not ideal for based on baby’s temperament, caregiver considerations, baby’s age, etc.)

Meet Your Instructor

Charlsie Myers is a Health Psychologist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. She earned her PhD in health psychology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2011 and spent the first 8 years of her career teaching over 15 unique undergraduate college courses, including ones dedicated to child development, sleep, and health. During this time, she also sleep trained her own two children after recognizing what they had been doing to get their family some rest was no longer working for anyone. Shortly thereafter, her family relocated to Colorado, and there she began working with neurodiverse children, adolescents, and adults as a behavior analyst. It was then she realized so many of her clients (and their families) were having poor sleep, which was leading to many of the maladaptive behaviors her clients’ families hired her to support them with. She took it upon herself to gain continuing education in pediatric sleep, and that led her to the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management, where she completed her certification to become a sleep consultant for families and their children up to 7 years old (and counting!). Now she is able to help more families and their children get the quantity and quality of sleep they all need to be at their best – mentally, physically, and emotionally. She does this through her custom sleep plan she writes for each family while providing all the one-on-one support and educational resources to ensure each family reaches their goals in a way that they feel comfortable and confident. 

Learn more about Charlsie here.

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