Your Perfect Baby Registry

Your Perfect Registry does not tell you WHAT to buy for your little one's nursery, it teaches you HOW to build the nursery that is right for your family.

This in depth course is so much more than a baby registry "how to" guide. Together, we will go through everything your little one needs, topic by topic. We will discuss how to assess your family's priorities in choosing gear, the materials baby products are constructed from, tips and tricks for proper use of many products, safety concerns, how to use resources such as medical insurance for ordering a breast pump, and WHY you may want to consider one product over another.

You can ask friends and family, you can endlessly read about baby gear, but most of these resources will recommend popular products that may not be the right fit for your specific situation. I want to empower YOU to make educated decisions when it comes to the products you choose for your little one!

You will also be able to download my in-depth 25 page Nursery Checklist where I do give more specific brand options for each category once you have assessed your priorities and know what you are looking for.

This course can also be bundled with a 2 hour private video consultation to discuss your individual needs and answer your personalized questions!!

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