Traveling with your Infant

Planning for your little ones's first flight can be a bit intimidating! There are so many extra logistics to think about when traveling with baby. That is why I created this easy to follow, 30ish minute workshop!

"Traveling with your Infant" is an expert guide to everything you need to know before your first big trip with your little one. Through it, I hope to answer your questions and prepare you on what to expect!

During this self-paced online mini course, we will chat about how soon you can travel with your newborn, the logistics and paperwork you need to take care of before flying, everything you need to know about packing for baby and specific travel gear options, TSA and FAA regulations, airport security protocol and flying with baby (both commercially and privately), rental cars and ridesharing once you arrive at your destination, planning around your baby's schedule and time zone changes, and traveling with a Newborn Care Specialist. Bonus: This workshop also includes WHB's downloadable Infant Packing List!

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